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How to Be a Worship Songwriter – The Complete Solution is due to be available in the summer of 2020.  Sign up today to be notified immediately.

This book presents a complete solution for you to become a strong congregational worship songwriter.  You’ll grow in your craft and flourish while coming alongside your church and blessing them with well-written songs.

There are special criteria for writing congregational worship songs – meaning there are aspects that dictate how they’re created.  Just as a special song is written for a scene of a play, congregational songs are tailored for their circumstance.

That’s why I wrote this book.  I’ll show you the most important lyric and melody crafting techniques and considerations for writing strong congregational worship songs, give you the details so you can gather with like-minded writers to create and to sharpen your skills, and then give you a method to distribute those songs to your church.

In this book, read about:

  • The plan to make you a highly skilled songwriter, sought after for your work
  • How unique the songcrafting tools are. The special considerations for congregational worship songs
  • How copyright and publishing work for worship songs
  • How you can help your church be aware and stay legal with music
  • How all of this knowledge together prepares you to become an expert and strong songwriter
    How to Be a Worship Songwriter - The Complete Solution

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