The Secret is Yours

 Discover How to Build Memorable Songs

I grew up playing Cribbage with grandpa.

If you had zero points in your hand or crib while playing this 400 year-old card game, grandpa would say:  “You got what the little boy shot at.”

Make a plan to create strong songs guaranteed to stick in the memories of your listeners, or you’ll get “what the little boy shot at” when it comes time to find a publisher.

Take direct aim at your target audience.

This is true no matter what style you write.  The secret is simple and revealed for all to see with the lyric sample on page 5.

Inside 9 Steps to Build a Memorable Song, find out:

  • How to set the table with the right information to guarantee your songs reach and hold hearts and minds (page 5)
  • How your focus on one particular aspect could be the difference between tuning you in or tuning you out (page 3)
  • How your ability with word economy takes songs to the next level (page 11)

9 Steps to Build a Memorable Song applies to any form of songwriting.  I specialize in congregational worship, and this focus on the target audience is why I have over 60 songs published in Christian Copyright Licensing, International.

Now you’ll have the tools to create strong and sticky songs.  And take perfect aim, unlike the little boy.

See how your songs can hit the mark.

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