Worship Songwriting Research Library

This library was started as I wrote the book How to Be a Worship Songwriter, as back matter for the book.  Enjoy this treasure, and remember to share it.  And the link to the book!

https://songs4god.net/how-to-be-a-worship-songwriter/  How to Be a Worship Songwriters landing page (also include page for those interested in starting a local songwriting organization list).

Worship leader sites


Taking Care of Your Voice

Ministering with Your Voice

Performance and Digital Rights Organizations

Rather than list individual ones, here’s a link to the Wikipedia page for all of them worldwide.

Here’s a short list of the ones most pertinent to you in the U.S.:

Partner with the PRO’s in the U.S., or a number of other organizations, for the relationship with the only performance rights agency in Mexico, SACM.

Song Form

Public Domain

Types of Publishing Contracts

Law and Royalties


Songwriting communities and song submittal sites for contests/review


Hillsong publishing model



Artist Development

Songwriting teachers


Read the following two in the same sitting

Eddie DeGarmo, Gospel Music Hall of Fame member, musician and record company executive (also, read his book, Rebel for God, noted in the Reference section):